Boost Lead Generation & Conversions: AI Chatbots for Real Estate

Unleash the power of AI-powered chatbots to streamline lead nurturing, qualify prospects, and boost conversions.
Multi Language Feature
Chatbot Powered By AI
Easily Integrate To Platforms

Find Qualified Leads 24/7

Never miss a potential client again. Our chatbot engages website visitors around the clock, capturing contact information and identifying their needs – so you can follow up with qualified leads ready to buy or sell.

Instant Client Support

Provide exceptional support anytime, anywhere. Our chatbot answers common questions, schedules viewings, and provides property details instantly – delivering a responsive experience that builds trust and boosts satisfaction.

Trusted by top brands

Automate FAQs & Tasks

Focus on what matters most. Let our chatbot take care of routine inquiries and administrative tasks, freeing up your time to build relationships and close more deals.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Deliver an experience that exceeds expectations. Our chatbot provides immediate support, personalized guidance, and a seamless user journey, creating happy clients who are more likely to refer you.

What Our Clients Say

Provide customer testimonials from real estate agencies that have successfully implemented the solution.

Awesome Review

Thanks to Helpx and their AI solutions, we've successfully automated our customer support, reducing our workload by 80%. This efficiency allows our team to concentrate on core business activities, significantly accelerating our growth.

Sura University

With Helpx AI, we've effectively harnessed our extensive company data, achieving streamlined information flow across our organization. Now, every team member has access to the latest data, enhancing our operational efficiency. The Helpx team's expertise in understanding and addressing business processes and issues has been impressively efficient and insightful.

Karen Bugno

My sincere thanks to the Helpx.ai team for automating our customer support. Their AI chatbot has not only relieved me from the constant concern of customer service but also significantly improved our customer engagement. It's not just about better service; it's also about increased leads and revenue. Exceptional work by the Helpx team – truly appreciative of all the support.


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